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Special Winter Season November to March

Flyboarding Rates:

30 Minute Flight - $120.00 to $80.00

1 Hour Flight - $200.00 to $130.00.

Water Tubing Rates:

30 Minute Ride - $130.00 to $85.00

1 Hour Ride - $240.00 to $140.00.

Reservations Required. Please Text Only (813) 385-6119 for availability before purchase.


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Yes, You Can Fly!


Welcome to Wing Flight Flyboarding!!

Flyboarding is a fast-growing extreme water sport that is highly exhilarating, yet very safe and fun for people of all ages. Learning to use the Flyboard is much easier than you might think.

Wing Flight Flyboard is a certified professional Flyboard rental company in Deland/DeLeon Springs & Orlando, FL. Many people ask us how hard is it to fly. With our certified instruction, almost everyone starts flying the Flyboard within five minutes on the water! After only 10 minutes in the water, you could easily have basic control of your movements over the water.

Everyone will have an amazing experience and have a lot of fun during their first ride learning to flyboard in Florida. It only gets better after each ride. Most people have enjoyed it so much that they have found that they are twice as good on their second ride. We are always available with Weather-Proof Fun with Flyboard rentals in Deland/DeLeon Springs & Orlando, FL! Schedule your fun on the water today!